Technical Documents

This section is intended for people working on the toblerhome.

WorkingSpec.pdf (9.4M PDF) - Working Spec. Draft 9 2010-11-05.

WorkingSpec-BasementSections.pdf (1.8M PDF) - Extract from Working Spec. Draft 3 (2007-06-10) Showing just the basement sections.

Appendix_3-FOAMGLAS_Certification.pdf (123K PDF) - Foamglas European certification.

Appendix_5_Beam_Block_Calc1.pdf (19.4K PDF) - Block and beam calculations for the patio.

Appendix_5_CBS_Design.pdf (9.6K PDF) - Block and beam design for the patio.

PlanningApproval.pdf (1.2M PDF) - Scan of planning approval